3 Principles for Success in Community-Based Medicare Marketing

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Through our work with thousands of insurance agents, we’ve found that the most successful ones deploy a consistent community-based Medicare marketing strategy that fuels their growth and creates a pipeline of continuous prospects and referrals. There are three top principles of success that have proven to be at the heart of a successful community-based Medicare marketing strategy, and I have outlined them below.

  1. Build a Plan. Develop a written plan that will serve as a road map for your efforts. Your plan should include typical business plan components such as goals, action steps, timelines, and projections. However, some of the most effective elements are more qualitative. Develop answers to these sample questions to help round out your plan and make it personally relevant. When you do, you will have a living document that is meaningful and motivating to you. Consider sample questions and answers similar to these:
  • What is my unique agent value proposition in the Medicare space? When you define this, you begin to live it through your interactions with the community, leading you to become a trusted resource.
  • What are my natural passions in life? When passions are identified, you tend to gravitate toward community venues that coincide with them, making you personally committed to your plan.
  • How best can I build a mutually beneficial relationship with people? When your community contact’s needs and goals are identified and met first, your strategy will pay long-term dividends.
  1. Approach Matters. Less experienced community-based marketers often lead with their salesperson’s hat on first. When first attempting to create relationships in their communities, their approach can be summed up like this: “Hello. I’m a Medicare agent, and I’ve got something to sell to the seniors you serve.” Our recommendation—and the approach that has been proven to be much more successful—is to lead with an attitude of passion, service, and education.We know that Medicare is confusing and complex to most seniors. Meet this need. When doing so, your approach becomes something like this: “Hello. I’m a professional agent who represents Medicare insurance plans in our community. One of my greatest satisfactions in working with my senior clients is explaining the complicated Medicare system to them in a clear way, so they can make informed choices about the healthcare they need and deserve. Do you think your seniors might benefit from this type of education?”
  1. Be Consistent. Solid, long-term relationships are not built overnight or through one or two visits to a particular venue. Similarly, when deploying your strategy, you are doing so for the long-term, future success of your business. Your actions should mirror these realities. Be a consistent presence; get to know the staff at your venues; discover their personal likes and dislikes, as well as their professional goals. Then, align your actions to help make them successful. In doing so, you both will win.

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About the Author

Tim Ipema has more than 20 years of sales management, marketing, and business experience. He has gained comprehensive senior market knowledge by selling Medicare plans as an agent. Ipema has also worked for a major carrier in field sales and in sales management at the agency level.

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