Improve Productivity with BrokerConnect Free Insurance Agency Management Software

BrokerConnect Free Insurance Agency Software

Online quoting and leads services – these are two of the most important tools brokerages can provide. That’s why Excelsior offers BrokerConnect, a free insurance agency management software, that links a powerful quoting tool with lead management and customer retention management.

BrokerConnect is the central location for health, supplemental, and life insurance needs, including leads, customer data, appointment setting, quoting, enrollment, and more. It’s available on desktop and mobile platforms for 24/7 accessibility. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and most importantly, improves productivity.

With BrokerConnect, brokers are able to:

  • Access LeadConnect, QuoteConnect, and a CRM system all in one place
  • Manage and view leads and contacts in real time
  • Track, complete, and organize activities quickly
  • Locate upcoming appointments and client information with a single click
  • Improve efficiency with advanced filter search capability

How does it work? BrokerConnect improves operations by connecting the most relevant software tools in the insurance business.

Free insurance agency software landing mobile home pageBrokerConnect: A One-stop Shop

BrokerConnect integrates Excelsior’s technology portfolio, LeadConnect, QuoteConnect and CRM, which means that brokers have all the necessary data centralized in one location.

LeadConnect Puts You in Control

With the LeadConnect feature, brokers can customize how to purchase, manage, view, and transfer leads across multiple lines of business. This easy-to-use app lets brokers decide where and when to buy leads, and even specify the price desired price for leads. New leads that you purchase will be automatically logged into the BrokerConnect CRM dashboard for easy management.

QuoteConnect Delivers Proposals

Easily access this tool through BrokerConnect in order to create proposals, compare plans from multiple carriers, and submit applications. Quickly view all available plans for supplemental, life, health and more.

With just a few clicks, brokers can build side-by-side comparisons for clients and prospects to review, and even begin the application process without leaving QuoteConnect.

CRM Improves Productivity

BrokerConnect gives brokers one hub to view and manage all their connections. This customer relationship management software helps the user know exactly where each contact is in the sales funnel.

CRM includes a to-do list to keep daily activities organized, including:

  • Automatic population when a call or appointment is set
  • Geo-locate appointments with the map feature
  • Notifications when there are lead alerts

    free insurance agency software menu

Tasks Made Simple: The BrokerConnect Dashboard

Getting to work with leads, quoting and CRM in BrokerConnect is easy. The dashboard puts all day-to-day activities on a single screen for quick and easy access. The large tiles on the main part of the screen will take the user to the desired location in one click. With just a glance, brokers can quickly see important notifications, what is on today’s to-do list and where leads stand in the customer lifecycle.

Additional features allow brokers to search consumers by products and demographics, filter through leads, search through policies, chart lead performance and import data.

The Only Free Insurance Agency Management Software You Need

Ready to put BrokerConnect’s powerful technology to work for you? Work with Excelsior in order to access this free insurance agency management software. Contact us today to get started.


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