High-Touch Service that Enhances Your Business

Excelsior practices a white-glove approach to fully service your needs. Whether it’s helping to position your pitch, navigate the carrier process, or support your renewal business, we’re here for you.

Broker Support

  • Comprehensive Sales Support
  • Book of Business Consultation
  • Market Consultation
  • Product Positioning
  • Renewal Business Consultation
  • Alternate Funding Strategies
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Carrier Consultation

  • Navigating Multiple Carriers
  • Helping You Submit Accurate Cases on Time
  • Helping You Navigate Carrier Portals
  • Nurturing the Appointment Process
  • Building Strong Ties with Carrier Networks
  • Informing You on Carrier Programs and Trends
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Outreach and Ongoing Training

  • Submission Outreach
  • Ongoing Outreach
  • After-Sale Outreach
  • Ongoing Training
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Broker Support

We Are Your Group Market Specialists

Excelsior is well-versed in small and large employer group sales, healthcare legislation, state provisions, and DOI regulations. Our expertise allows us to offer you information and strategies to help enhance your business and increase your income.

Comprehensive Sales Support

We guide you through the entire sales process—from developing a winning sales pitch to presenting your pitch to closing the deal.

Market Consultation

We are your guiding partner in navigating your local market. Our deep knowledge of product offerings, plan designs, and commission structure for each carrier as well as local regulatory requirements can help you close the deal.

Renewal Business Consultation

We provide a yearly renewal consultation prior to your anniversary date. Excelsior is your resource for required renewal documentation and rates, alternative plan options, and plan changes.

Book of Business Consultation

We assess your existing product offerings, identify products that can increase your sales, and help you determine how you can best maximize your group business.

Product Positioning

We know which medical and ancillary products pair well together and can help you strategically cross-sell worksite benefits.

Alternate Funding Strategies

We help you diversify how employers fund their benefits through our deep understanding of health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and other alternate funding options.

Carrier Consultation

We Are Your Carrier One-Stop-Shop

Excelsior is your carrier relations specialist. You don’t have to contact carriers about your appointments, contracts, or anything carrier-related—unless you want to. Joining Excelsior allows you to leverage our carrier competencies that include:

Navigating Multiple Carriers

We know how each carrier process works—we know the right forms to use and who to contact for cases, contracts, and commissions.

Helping You Navigate Carrier Portals

We assess each carrier portal to let you know how to easily access the information, forms, and marketing materials you need.

Building Strong Ties with Carrier Networks

We know which hospital systems are in a particular network and can guide you on what networks are the best fit for your clients’ needs.

Helping You Submit Accurate Cases on Time

We understand how to submit cases for each carrier whether it’s through an online or paper process—we make sure your submissions go through smoothly.

Nurturing the Appointment Process

We know the specific appointment requirements for each carrier across different states and will guide you through the process.

Informing You on Carrier Programs and Trends

We provide the latest information on carrier incentive programs, product and quoting trends, competitive deductible rates, and general carrier announcements.

Outreach and Ongoing Training

We Are Your Service Team

We care about your business because we care about service. We are proactive in maintaining a relationship with every broker we partner with. And we are accessible—you can always reach us for help.

Submission Outreach

We reach out to you after each case is submitted to help answer any questions you may have.

After-Sale Outreach

We follow up after each sale to further assist you.

Ongoing Outreach

We stay in touch throughout the year and reach out if we haven’t heard from you in a while.

Ongoing Training

We provide ongoing training to keep you up-to-date on products and trends.

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