How to Become the Go-To Medicare Expert in Your Community

Businessman holding card that reads "People Buy From People They Trust"

Reputation matters.

When you come across a professional you trust, it’s a natural fit to recommend that person to friends and family. It could be the tax professional who has given effective advice throughout the years. Or maybe it’s the physician you trust without hesitation because she’s given exceptional, personal guidance. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the handyman who can always fix minor—or major—issues around the house because he’s efficient, available, and reliable.

There is a dire need for Medicare professionals in every community, and the demand increases every day. Your community most likely lacks the presence of a Medicare expert—someone who is certified, available, and can provide crucial guidance. This opens the playing field for you.

Becoming an expert in your field can be rewarding and exhilarating. But with the title comes great responsibility. Think of the characteristics that experts you trust possess: positivity, professionalism, availability, authority, confidence, the list goes on.

Establish Yourself

It takes patience, persistence, and extraordinary performance to establish yourself as the leading expert in your field. And the public has to know you’re there and how to reach you. Marketing yourself is a crucial part of establishing your reputation as an expert. Craft the perception that it’s not about you (and it shouldn’t be). It’s about educating and helping people in your community.

Despite the healthy Medicare market, prospects aren’t going to find you if you don’t have an established expert reputation. Use the different avenues in your community to advertise and brand yourself as the Medicare expert they have been searching for. Partner with organizations, clubs, and other impactful business entities within your community.

As the premier Medicare expert in your community, you should be with an organization that has the portfolio to fit your prospects’ needs. (Think: Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements, prescription drug plans, Extra Help programs, and complementary ancillary products.)

Now is the time to ask yourself, “Will this be me?” Excelsior can help you be the agent your community relies on for Medicare expertise.



About the Author

portrait of Jeff Lankston, Northeast Regional Sales Director with Excelsior

Jeff is a regional sales director for Excelsior in the Northeast. He brings 25 years of sales and leadership experience with Medicare, ancillary products, and P&C with Humana, WellCare, Farmers, and Aon. Jeff is also a certified recruiter and trainer.

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