Can My Carrier Pay Me for This?

Infographic about the Medicare Marketing Guidelines for Applicable Activities for Compensation

Within Section 110.6 of the Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services dictates how carriers can compensate contracted agents and brokers. While this may not reflect how every carrier chooses to compensate, below are the items that can (and cannot) be considered compensation.

Compensation Must Be Sales-Based

Brokers can be compensated, both monetarily and nonmonetarily, for any kind of service related to the sale or renewal of a policy. Compensation can include, but isn’t limited to, the following.

Compensation Doesn’t Include Expenses

Broker compensation doesn’t include any of the following sales-related expenses.

  • State appointment fees
  • Training costs
  • Certification fees
  • Testing costs
  • Traveling reimbursement (such as mileage to and from client appointments)
  • Sales appointment or event reimbursement (such as marketing materials, venue rental charges, or nominal drinks and snacks)

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Note: For the most current information, see the CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines.



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