Avoid the Fine Print and Stay CMS Compliant

In the Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG), Section 40.2 is all about font sizes, when they must be adhered to, and when brokers have some wiggle room.

No Fine Print, Please

In order to comply with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines, all text included on marketing materials “must be printed with a font size equivalent to or larger than Times New Roman twelve (12)-point.” The height and width of the font must be equivalent or larger, even for footnotes and disclaimers. For online materials, text must be coded for the web page to comply with the font equivalent.

The Exceptions

The following are instances where brokers do not need to comply with the font size equivalent requirement.

  • Television ads
  • Videos
  • Internal tracking numbers
  • Logos/logos with taglines

What Else Can Excelsior Do for You?

Discover more insight into the Medicare Marketing Guidelines on our resource center where we tackle topics such as putting phone numbers and plan names on marketing materials. In addition to breaking down the MMG, Excelsior has experienced leadership, broker services, and technology that could help you grow your business. To learn more about the Excelsior team and how we can help you, contact us.

Note: For the most current information, see the CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines.



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