Know Your I-SNP Marketing Requirements

infographic explaining What to Know About Medicare Marketing Guidelines for I-SNP

Medicare Institutional Special Needs Plans (I-SNPs) are for Medicare Advantage-eligible enrollees who have had, or will need, at least 90 days in a long-term care (LTC) or skilled nursing facility (SNF), inpatient psychiatric facility, or an intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled. Brokers may market these plans within the facilities, but there are limits.

Where Can I Market I-SNPS?

According to CMS rules (MMG, Section 60.4.1), you may provide marketing materials for I-SNPs to a facility as long as the facility participates in that plan. If you’d like to conduct sales activities at the facility, you may do so only in common areas such as entryways, vestibules, cafeterias, community spaces, recreational areas, or conference rooms.

Can I Schedule an Appointment With a Prospect Who Lives in a Care Facility?

Yes, but only if the appointment is requested by the beneficiary.

Can I Leave a Brochure?

Yes. You can leave an explanatory brochure, but it can only be distributed to residents who meet I-SNP qualifications.

The brochure can include the following information:

  • How to qualify for I-SNP
  • Benefits of I-SNP
  • Reply card
  • A telephone number the resident or a guardian can call to schedule a meeting or request information

You may leave the brochures in a common area such as a waiting room. You can also provide LTC facilities with materials for admission packets announcing all plan contractual relationships.

Where Can I Get More Medicare Marketing Guidance?

Our resource center is available 24/7 to give you the help you need with Medicare guidelines, sales advice and more to keep your business on track. To learn more about the Excelsior team and how we can help you, contact us.

For the most current information, see the CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines.


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