How to Advertise Educational Events to Enrollees

Before you put together an educational event for your current Medicare enrollees, you need to know how you can advertise it. Excelsior explains how agents can compliantly advertise educational events to existing enrollees (MMG, Section 50.1).

Advertise the Event as Educational

When advertising for any educational event, brokers are required to explicitly describe the event as “educational.” This is also true for events where existing enrollees are invited. If you do not explicitly advertise the event as “educational,” CMS will consider it a sales or marketing event.

Read More Medicare Marketing Guidelines From Excelsior

Excelsior has more Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG) available to you on our online resource center with topics ranging from where to host educational events to event-specific contact. And if you’re interested in learning something that the MMG can’t teach you—such as how to double, or triple, your revenue—contact us.

Note: For the most current information, see the CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines.



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