Training to Double or Triple Your Income

Improving your skills can greatly impact your ability to earn more. Excelsior offers training programs and events to help you further develop your talents and grow your business.

Upcoming Training

You don't want to miss out on upcoming training and events.

On-Demand and Live Webinars

Engage in knowledge-rich training through our broker portal in the comfort of your home or wherever you have online access. We host regular, regional webinars to keep you in the know on the senior market, carrier news, incentive programs, and more.


Attend in-person training events taught by regional sales directors and knowledgeable guest speakers. Our seminars are an opportunity to learn in an interactive environment and gain insider knowledge that can help increase your senior market business.

Cross-sell Training

Double or triple your income by learning compliant cross-selling techniques through our unique training program.

Compliance Training

Learn how to prospect and sell the right way! Our ongoing compliance training teaches you best practices that can help protect your business.

Marketing Training

Enhance your local business presence and win more clients! Our little-known secrets on community marketing deliver success.

Other Training

  • AEP Preparation
  • Prospecting
  • New Product Roll-outs
  • Recertification Preparation
  • Special Needs Plan Training

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