How to Promote Your Medicare Prize Drawing

Conducting a drawing or gift, when allowed under your state’s laws, is one way to attract attendees to a Medicare marketing event. When promoting your prize drawing in marketing material, make sure you include the proper written statement to avoid any confusion and to...
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Do You Have to Stick to Your First SOA?

What is the one document that must accompany every Medicare appointment? A Scope of Appointment (SOA) form. Documenting an SOA is one thing, but continue reading to learn what the Medicare Marketing Guidelines (Section 50.3) have to say about SOAs and appointment discussions. Stick...
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How to Follow CMS Rules at Educational Events for Enrollees

Medicare educational events are an excellent way to gain the trust, and referral information, of enrollees in attendance. But before you host, present at, or attend an educational event for enrollees, there are some CMS guidelines (Medicare Communication & Marketing Guidelines, Section 50.1) you...
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What Are the Do’s and Don’ts for Event-Specific Contact?

The Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG) provided by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has a plethora of rules for brokers and insurance companies to follow. In this article, we’re giving you the do’s and don’ts around event-specific contact (Section 40.2). What Is Event-Specific...
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Hosting an Educational Event for Medicare?

The Medicare Marketing Guidelines (Section 50.1) dictate that educational events have to be in specific settings. We break down rules below. Where Can Brokers Host Educational Events? All educational events need to be held in a public venue. They cannot be held in someone’s...
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What Are CMS’ Guidelines for One-on-One Appointments?

CMS has guidelines for almost every Medicare interaction you may have in your professional career. That includes one-on-one appointments. Excelsior has broken down the one-on-one appointment guidelines (MCMG, Sections 40.7, 50.3, and 110.2) into three basic rules: Follow the Scope of Appointment (SOA). Don’t market...
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When and How to Use Medicare Disclaimers on Marketing Materials

Agents should keep disclaimers in mind when creating marketing materials. Generally, most agents and brokers do not create their own marketing materials, relying instead on their plan sponsor’s point-and-click materials. But, say you want to create your own to advertise a sales event or...
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When Can I Start Selling for AEP?

Now that all of your marketing materials have been created and approved, you might want to move forward with your next marketing campaign. But don’t jump the gun. You can’t start marketing until this CMS-approved date. When Can I Start Marketing for the Annual...
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How to Advertise Educational Events to Enrollees

Before you put together an educational event for your current Medicare enrollees, you need to know how you can advertise it. Excelsior explains how agents can compliantly advertise educational events to existing enrollees (MMG, Section 50.1). Advertise the Event as Educational When advertising for...
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Can I Use the Word ‘Free’ to Talk About Medicare Benefits?

“Free” is an enticing word for enrollees. But as a Medicare broker, you have to use the word with caution. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has very strict rules that dictate how you can use “free.” We explain when it is—and is...
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