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Cross-Selling Insurance: Get the Most Out of Your Leads

Have you considered cross-selling insurance products? Learn what you need to get started. In this article, we discuss: How cross-selling insurance products can increase brokers’ revenue. How to add supplemental health insurance to product portfolios. How to create opportunities for cross-selling supplemental plans. How...
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The Basics of Selling Supplemental Health Insurance to Seniors

Selling supplemental health insurance to seniors is as rewarding as it is challenging because everyone’s healthcare needs are different. Working with the right insurance brokerage is important so you can leverage years of experience when planning how best to approach selling ancillary insurance products...
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Offering Gifts to Potential & Existing Medicare Enrollees

As a Medicare broker, you may want to conduct marketing events for current clients or potential enrollees that involve giving away gifts.  Offering gifts is acceptable, but you need to be mindful of a few rules to stay compliant while creating your incentive. Is...
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The Essentials of Selling Special Needs Plans

The hardest part of selling special needs plans, or SNPs, is knowing the size of your market. Medicare Special Needs Plans are available to a larger population than you may think. More than 80 percent of seniors may qualify for SNP coverage, including those...
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