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Superior support meets the tech you expect.

Your Multi-line Brokerage

Group Market

High-touch services from start to finish

Carrier-specific training in local markets

Senior Market

Get your business started in 3 days

Proven sales and marketing strategies

Individual Market

Consultative support to enhance your business

Customized solutions for each of your clients

Enhanced Services for More Success

Service is only as good as the team behind it. Excelsior offers a unique and sophisticated range of services to help you thrive.

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Excelsior: Group Technology

Don’t waste time on leads that have already been distributed. We offer leads at a fraction of the cost!*

*Excelsior works with vendors who have advised that the leads they sell to us will not be sold to another client. We use our enterprise-wide bargaining power to negotiate competitive prices for leads that are often less expensive than can be acquired individually.

Education that Drives Growth

Take part in carrier-specific and experiential training to maximize your group market sales. Learn effective and compliant cross-selling techniques to potentially double or triple your revenue in the senior market.

Tech to Enable Your Success

Gain access to our unique technology stack tailored to your chosen market. Senior quotes are delivered in real-time based on your carrier appointments. Group quotes are executed within 24 hours of receipt.

Excelsior: Group Technology

Enroll with Greater Ease

Whether you’re selling in the senior or group market,
our superior services can help you close the deal!

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