A new alternative to group plans gives your clients and their employees more flexibility than ever before.

What is ICHRA?

An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) is a new, flexible solution for employers to provide health coverage to their employees while taking advantage of both group and individual market benefits. Here’s how it works:

  1. Employer chooses allowances or contributions
  2. Employees choose a plan that meets their needs
  3. Employer either deducts premiums from employees’ paychecks or reimburses employees for qualifying premiums and expenses

ICHRA doesn’t just give employees options.
It may save them money, too.

  • Taxes: ICHRA allows the same pre-tax contribution benefits of a traditional group plan
  • Flexibility: With 11 eligible classes, it’s easy to tailor benefits to their unique workforce
  • Participation: No minimums required
  • Choice: Employees choose the plan that best suits their needs
  • Portability: Employees own their policy and can retain it if they leave the company
  • Savings: We can help you learn more about the significant cost savings for both employers and their employees

Don’t worry. We’ll help you throughout the entire process.

Simplify the process for you and your clients. Partner with Excelsior Benefits, and let our specialists guide you through everything from seamless enrollments to the administration of the plans.

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